Watch our Discussion on Rosacea with the Founder of Jan Marini


In our rosacea and discoloration live with Jan, we discussed so much and wanted to break down the long IGTV video into shorter clips; this way you can watch the specific topics you are interested in. Not only did we talk about rosacea but we also couldn’t help talk about supplements for anti-aging and the importance of acids for the skin. If you want to watch the full discussion, head over to our Instagram to watch Rosacea Discussion with Jan Marini.

What is Rosacea: Causes & Characteristics


How to Manage Rosacea Flare Ups


Are Rosacea Bumps The Same as Acne?



Can You Show Early Signs of Rosacea?


How Foods Affects Rosacea and The Skin


Is There A Prescription Drug To Help With Rosacea?


How Weather & Climate Affect Rosacea & The Importance of Sunscreen


Supplements For Anti-Aging


IPL for Managing Rosacea


Treating Acne and Rosacea at The Same Time


Antibiotics To Help With Rosacea Inflammation


The Importance of Acids For The Skin


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