Watch our Discussion on Acne with the Founder of Jan Marini


In our acne discussion with Jan, we discussed the process of acne and how to treat teen and adult acne, post-acne hyperpigmentation and scarring. We wanted to break down the long video into shorter clips, this way you can watch the specific topics you are interested in. If you want to watch the full discussion, head over to our Instagram to watch Acne Discussion with Jan Marini.

The Acne Process with Jan Marini


What Age You Should Start Treating Acne


Prevent the Acne Process with This Solution from Jan Marini


How to Treat Teenage Acne


Why Women Get Adult Acne But Men Don’t


A Potent Retinol Product for Acne and Anti Aging


The Importance of Working with a Skin Care Professional


Why Dairy & Other Foods Cause Acne


Does Birth Control Help with Acne?


Can You Spot Treat Acne?


A Miracle Drug for Treating Acne & Hair Loss


A Commonly Used Drug That Secretly Prevents Aging


Treating Acne Discoloration & Scarring


Fragrance In Skin Care


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